What about me?

So saving cereal boxes wasn't a hobby of yours as a kid? What about collecting matchbooks you'd swipe when your parents weren't looking? Maybe you got a kick out of comic books or at least the whacky ads on the back like I did?  Believe it or not, all of these little odds and ends are what got me hooked.

Hey there. My name's Matt Cabrera and I love to design. 

From brainstorming to the finished product, I relish every part of the process. (Oh, and I've also got a weakness for drums, milkshakes, screen printing and all things Back to the Future.)

Whether it's hashing out gig poster variants, cooking up t-shirt graphics or putting the finishing touches on a product's package:  
I'm your guy.

With a focus on illustration and typography, I can create fresh faces for bands, brands, products and websites. 

If you'd like to see what we could create together, go ahead and give me holler right over here.